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Support Column

Is the support column welded?

We are often asked if it's possible that the support column sticking out of the base legs is welded in place. While that's highly unlikely, it's very easy to check.

If the column is welded onto the legs, welds will be visible on the outside of the column - typically welded at each leg joint, around the tube. If you don't see welds on the outside of the column, joining the column to the leg spoke, the column is not welded in place and therefore can be removed (see below). 

Here's a photo of a welded column, for reference:


This 360-degree weld shown below, on the underside of the support column, is standard. This weld does not connect the column to the legs - the weld does not touch the legs.



Confirmed that it's not welded?

If the column is not welded to the legs, it can be removed. To do so, flip the base legs over a trash can or 5-gallon bucket (or hold tightly onto one leg, as shown below). Using a steel mallet, pound on the part sticking out of the legs. If it won't budge, apply some WD-40 at the connection point, let it sit, and try again. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the tube out since it's a pressure fit, so be sure to hit on the column like you mean it. Of course, be sure to use caution as the tube will pop out with force. Use all protection and precaution necessary.

Here's a quick screen grab showing where to pound (full video here).

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